Valet Parking

Valet Parking Airport Köln

Do you regularly fly to meetings in other cities or work directly at the airport? Then parking fees are probably a nuisance to you by now. These may not amount to much for passengers going on holiday once a year. For those passengers who fly regularly, this could mount up to a small fortune. Even those who don’t have to count every penny may still need to save on costs – usually when deadlines have to be calculated tightly. We have the solution for you. We offer valet parking at Cologne Airport at reasonable prices. Long-term valet parking at Cologne Airport helps you save time and money. Go to your appointments and come back home comfortably. Contact us today, and we will fill you in on the possibilities of valet parking. From now on, searching for a parking space will be a thing of the past for you, i.e., you hand over your car directly to the employee and get on the plane immediately, so to speak. We will gladly provide you with further details in a personal conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The procedure for outbound flights

Please drive to the Cologne-Bonn Airport Terminal


Vehicle handover

For handing over your vehicle, our employees will recognise you by means of our EDP system and identify you by your registration plate and vehicle


vehicle check

The vehicle will then be checked at the terminal. Both parties will document the proper handing over and current condition of the vehicle using the vehicle handover slip



After everything has been carried out properly, the parking fee will then be paid in cash


your car will be parked

The vehicle will be driven to our car parking area by our employee. Our car parking area is only a few minutes drive from Cologne-Bonn Airport


The procedure for inbound flights

Please call our hotline 10-20 minutes in advance and let us know your time of arrival at the airport, as flights can always be delayed


your vehicle is ready

Your vehicle will be ready to drive off in before you arrive


handover of your vehicle

Our staff will have your vehicle ready at the airport terminal, from where you can, theoretically, drive home directly



Our staff will assist you with loading your luggage into the vehicle


vehicle check and return

Finally, a vehicle check slip will be used to check with you whether the condition of your vehicle is in the same condition as when you left it. As soon as everything is in order, you can drive off reassured!

What does valet parking mean?

Valet parking means that an employee takes care of your vehicle. You hand them the car keys, and the employee takes your car directly to a safe parking space. The advantages for you are obvious. You do not have to worry about a parking space. As soon as you get back from your trip, the employee will already be waiting for you with your car where you can get in immediately and carry on your journey. Valet parking has become a standard offer in many hotels, car parks and airports. You can also enjoy this service at Cologne Airport.