Shuttle Service

Parking at Cologne Airport with our shuttle service – park your car without hassle

Travel starts at the airport, and this should be without hassle. However, if you arrive at Cologne Airport in your own car, you may need help with parking to start off your trip smoothly. The comfort and safety of our parking service guarantee you a relaxing start to your holiday without any hassle! Different rates allow both long-term and short-term parkers to make the right choice of services. A parking space for your vehicle can be pre-ordered for the period of your absence. Travellers can be assured that they do not have to look for a suitable parking space for long before boarding a plane in Cologne. In addition, the vehicle is monitored. As a result, holidaymakers do not only start their journey but can also enjoy it to the full without wasting a thought on their cars.

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The procedure for outbound flights

Please drive directly to our car park! You can find the address in the booking confirmation


vehicle handover

We will recognise you through our EDP system and identify you after you have disclosed your name or registration number


vehicle check

A vehicle check is then carried out. Handing over the vehicle must be done properly by both sides! Following the proper procedure is essential!



After everything has been carried out properly, the parking fee will then be paid in cash


The ride to the terminal by shuttle

After that, your luggage is loaded onto our shuttle bus. The shuttle bus takes you to the Cologne-Bonn Airport Terminal within a few minutes


The procedure for inbound flights

Please call our hotline 10-20 minutes in advance and let us know your time of arrival at the airport, as flights can always be delayed


your vehicle will be ready

Your vehicle will be ready to drive off in before you arrive


where to wait

Our shuttle service will pick you up from the terminal with your luggage and drive you back to our car park free of charge


luggage discharge

Your luggage will be unloaded from the shuttle bus into your vehicle


vehicle check

Finally, a vehicle check slip will be used to check with you whether the condition of your vehicle is in the same condition as when you left it

Shuttle from your vehicle to Cologne Airport

Normally, a shuttle service is already included in the tariff. You will be brought safely and securely to the appropriate terminal without resulting costs so that you can reach your aircraft safely and on time. But even the nicest trip must come to an end some time. On your return, your vehicle will be waiting for you in its parking space! All you need to do is call our hotline, and the shuttle will pick you up at the terminal and take you to your car. From that parking space, you can drive home comfortably.


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